The Gulfstream 250 is an effective and economical approach to middle mile fiber installations. The Gulfstream 250 offers portability, convenience and power in a cost effective package. The unit features user-friendly controls that help optimize the fiber optic cable installation process.


The new Condux Gulfstream 350 Cable Blower is all pneumatic and comes complete with a convenient storage case. The Gulfstream 350 provides a mechanical counter, speed indicator, and maximum belt visibility.


EXFO MAX 700C series is a line of genuine high-performance OTDRs from the world’s leading manufacturer. It delivers EXFO’s tried and true OTDR quality and accuracy along with the best optical performance for right-first-time results, every time.


EXFO MAX 700C series is a line of genuine high-performance OTDRs from the world’s leading manufacturer. It delivers EXFO’s tried and true OTDR quality and accuracy along with the best optical performance for right-first-time results, every time.


The EXFO FIP-500 is a 100% automated and self-contained fiber inspection scope. Automated and buttonless operations and high storage capacity. Save time when testing loads of connectors. Boosts efficiencies in data centers, central offices, headends, exchanges, FTTA and FTTH

EXFO Optical explorer

The EXFO OX1 verify optical links in seconds and automatically explore further when potential issues are suspected. Accelerate fiber rollouts, simplify activation procedures and improve robustness of repairs for better QoS and MTTR.


The FTB-1 version 2, available in standard (FTB-1v2) or Pro (FTB-1 Pro) model, is a light-weight compact test platform allowing field technicians to carry out dedicated optical, Ethernet, multiservice and radio frequency (RF) interference test applications simply and efficiently.

EXFO EX1 Tester

The EX1 is an industry fi rst: a pocket-sized tester that validates bandwidth speed up to full line rate Gigabit Ethernet, emulates GPON ONT, fully tests residential WiFi and monitors both residential and business quality of experience.

nVent/ERICO Cadweld – Plus Impulse

The nVent/ERICO Plus ignition system uses batteries to electronically start the connection and melting of welding material. With the ability being to ignite the weld at a distance, these reliable units have modernized the way the job is done and brings a level of consistency and ease-of-use.

nVent/ERICO Cadweld

The nVent/ERICO Cadweld system contains often-used molds, weld metal and accessories for both ignition methods. The systems give benefits such as: weighs less and takes up less space compared to the tools and materials needed for mechanical connections.

nVent/ERICO Tower Mounted Ground Bar

The nVent ERICO Tower Mounted Ground Bar (ETMAGSDBT) is a compact ground bar with a unique bracket design that is easily installed to the tower head frame creating a direct, low-impedance electrical ground connection to the tower.

ESPi Mega Titan

The ESPi Mega TITAN-48V UPS is designed for outdoor/indoor deployments for MDU or business ONTs, it provides a continuous -48 volts of UPS power, including ONT alarms on a CAT-5 connection for easy field termination. Designed and Manufactured in the USA!

ESPi Voltar Plus

The Voltar Plus is twice as reliable and half the cost of the electric company. Installation can be done within 4 hours for same day turn-up. In addition, having the Voltar Plus will allow you to get rid of your generators. One of the features includes a low-battery alarm.


The powerful FITEL S179 Hand-Held, Core Alignment Fusion Splicer delivers fast and reliable optical fiber splicing even under harsh environmental conditions. Designed with end users & rugged field use in mind, it delivers rapid splicing & heating for consistent results, splice after splice.

FITEL s124 Ribbon fusion SPLICER

The FITEL S124M12 Fusion Splicer delivers rapid splicing/heating with reliable and consistent results. This splicer is suitable for the use of hyper-scale ribbon cable, & is an excellent choice for a variety of deployments including Data Centers, Metro, Backbone & Long-Haul applications.


The FITEL NINJA NJ001 Hand-Held Single Fiber Fusion Splicer is suitable for all METRO, LAN and FTTx fibers including ultra bend-insensitive fibers. Tthe NJ001 offers reliable splicing under harsh environmental conditions. * High propulsion motor * Splice on Connector compatible.


The DET24C is an advanced clamp-on ground resistance tester that set new standards in terms of access, performance, features, simplicity of operation and safety. This unit is designed with flat core ends to prevent dirt build-up, ensuring measurement integrity and improved reliability.


The MEGGER Multifunction Tester is designed for testing low voltage electrical installations to fulfill the requirements of NFPA70 & NECA. Provides all the tests required to complete the necessary electrical certification for industrial, commercial & domestic fixed wiring installations,

PLP: Coyote One Dome Closure

The COYOTE ONE Closure uses a patented segmented end plate to provide independent access to every cable that enters the closure. It features, a compact size, a hinged collar system for quick re-entry, & the ability to be buried, used in a manhole, or attached to a pole/wall mount.

PLP: Coyote High Density Dome Closure

The COYOTE HD Dome Closure offers an alternative fiber organizer to support high density splice applications within the same footprint as our existing dome Closure. The new organizer architecture gives provides access for fiber routing, reduces cable sheath openings & simplifies assembly.

PLP: Drop Termination closure 6

The COYOTE DTC6, these closures offer a durable, compact solution with multiple internal fiber organizers to support your current and future needs. The DTC6 allows aerial, below grade, direct buried, pole mount or interior applications.

Polywater: FiberKleen Supplies

Polywater is a world leading manufacturer of Cable Pulling Lubes, Cleaners, Sealants, and MRO & Construction Chemicals.

STerlite: OH lite nova sm fiber

OH-LITE® NOVA™ is Single Mode Optical Fiber with very low bend sensitivity and tighter attenuation which meets and exceeds ITU-T recommendations G.652.D and G.657.A1.

Sterlite: Micro-lite multitube single jacket optic cable

Sterlite TechTM Micro-LITE Multitube Single Jacket Fiber Optic Cables are typically used in micro duct or aerial drop installation applications. These cables are typically used for Access / Metro and (air blown) Drop cabling for FTTx networks, like Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

sterlite: stellar Single mode Fiber

STL StellarTM Fiber, the next-gen Fiber from STL’s optical design solutions, guarantees attenuation and macro bend insensitivity. Stellar is compatible with legacy networks comprising of G.652.D,G.657.A1 or G.657.A2 Fiber.