1 month ago
S&S Solutions, LLC

90 Percent of all splicing issues are due to DIRTY SPLICE Machine!
CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN your machine!

1 month ago
Sniff and Stop - Natural pest deterrent

Sniff and Stop - Paint deterrant

1 month ago
Prysmian Group North America

Proud to be the Manufacturer's Representative for this fine company

We are incredibly excited to bring together the Utility Team Sales Agents from Prysmian and General Cable! Welcome to the North America Headquarters!

1 month ago
FITEL® Ninja Fusion Splicer Maintenance

90 Percent of all splicing issues are due to DIRTY SPLICE Machine!
CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN your machine!

1 month ago
Why Use a Dedicated Solar Panel Cleaning Product?

American Polywater providing a cleaning solution for solar panels!

Reasons why a cleaner specially developed for solar panels is better to use than common household cleaning products.

2 months ago
Head-to-Head: OTDR vs iOLM

Head to Head OTDR vs IOLM

This video is a comparison between an OTDR and EXFO's intelligent Optical Link Mapper (iOLM) to demonstrate how effective it is to characterize an entire lin...

3 months ago
An afternoon in Mesa with Megger DET2/3

DET 2/3 - a NEW Megger product - it does it all!

Shared using GoPro

4 months ago
S&S Solutions, LLC - Manufacturer Product Album

Squirrel , Bear, Wood Pecker, Rodents causing you problems - Sniff "n" Stop has a solution.

4 months ago
Meet the EX1 | Product Demos | EXFO

For your Quote on the EXFO EX1 - [email protected]

Gary Macknofsky has been a key contributor to EXFO’s Transport and Datacom division for the past 12 years. Among his numerous accomplishments as a Product Line Manager (PLM), Gary was responsible ... See more

10 months ago
S&S Solutions 2017 Christmas Celebration

Brunch and gift exchange! Evening hours brought MORE food and enjoying each other for the evening! Merry Christmas everyone!

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  • MAX 700B

    The Max-700B series is a line of genuine high-performance OTDRs from the world’s leading manufacturer. It delivers EXFO’s tried and true OTDR quality and accuracy along with the best optical performance for right-first-time results, every time.

  • ESPi Voltar Plus

    ESPi Voltar Plus

    No Power?
    No Problem!

    Remote Powering Cabinets

    VOLTAR Plus is:

    • Twice as reliable and half the cost of the electric company
    • 4-hour installations for same day turn-up
    • Get rid of your generators
    • Low-battery alarming
    • Redundant options available

    Detail Specifications

  • Fitel Ninja Splicer

    Fitel Ninja Handheld Splicer
    * Wider Splicing Chamber
    * 3 LED Lamps*Rugged design
    * SOC compatibility
    * 100 cycles PC Interface
    * Auto start
    * High propulsion motor
    * Splice on Connector compatible.